Of Steam, Steel and Murder

BX DnD Session 8

Episode Summary

Direct Download link: https://cdn.simplecast.com/audio/feae7a/feae7a2a-e7f4-4c30-9255-8fe0ef02dcc1/b97861e5-718b-4d9a-a28a-6bbecf966a51/bx-dnd-session-8_tc.mp3 We return to our BX Dungeons and Dragons game with : Bill playing Radnar the large, Adam playiing Nestor Nettles, Jazz playing himself, and new to the game but not new to our podcast - Jamas, playing Galen Rayhorn.

Episode Notes

Much appologies with the audio for this one.  I've been up to my eyeballs in work and I just do not have the time to do audio editing to a polish that we all would like.  Instead of waiting for my time to be more open, I thought it best just to go ahead and post these episodes with coughing, popping, talking over one another, and other audio issues rather than not posting anything at all.