Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Zweihander Session 1 from The Notorious D.M.G

Episode Summary

For the past several months I've been involved in a collaboration project with a group of fellow podcasters, youtubers, and twitch streamers that are the hosts and primary GMs for their channels. We merged forces to create The Notorious D.M.G a stream that allows each of us to run games for and to let the others play in different games and to experience different GM styles. The first game in our series is Zweihander by Daniel Fox and is ran by Mat of Jowzam's den - which is both a youtube and Twitch stream (see the show notes for links). I'll be putting these in the SSM feed between our regular games.

Episode Notes

This one was hosted by Jowzam's Den https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKQGLB7W_C0Om3G4QtPNA1A

Defenders of Kobold also ran this on their stream https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCesX9Qcz1g5G5LfIkW3stew